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Orphan ministry

In the southern district of Malawi, Machinga, we are active in the village of Chief Namos. In only this smal village, more than forty orphans live in great poverty. The children are often malnourished and have no pair of clothes other than the pair they wear. From the House of the Good News the first orphanage was built in 2014 and at the moment we are working hard, in cooperation with the local population, for the construction of another children's home. In this house two housewives will take care of the orphans, they provide daily assistance and give every child the attention and love that they need.

Jesus says in John 18 verse 14: "I will not leave you as orphans." We believe as Christians, we have the responsibility to take care of the orphans. During the Mission Training you will also be actively working in the Orphan Ministry. Caring, teaching and playing with the kids is an amazing experience. We are sure that working with these kids will transform your life forever!

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