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Short & Long term Mission
South Africa & Malawi 

Do you want to walk in your destiny?
Do you want to grow your faith and change your life and that of many others?

Get your information now.

We have different mission trips, short & long term. Your faith will be boosted and you will experience real mission.

Doing what Jesus did in South Africa or/and Malawi !

- Live among the people

- Serve the village/community

- Preach the gospel and pray for the sick (outreaches)

- Minister/visit Church services

- Help building the Clinic and houses

- Serve the orphan project

- Experience real African wildlife
- And more....



South Africa -> 6 t/m 17 november 2022

South Africa & Malawi -> 30 april t/m 11 mei 2023
*There is also an option for Long term  

Purpose: Evangelism, strengthening the local churches, practical emergency aid, pray for the sick
and participate in children’s work 


For more information about costs and/or long term options. Please send an email to

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