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Short term Mission
South Africa & Malawi 2022

"Register quickly and join the team led by pastors Wenzel & Sharon Beukes this coming April on their next mission trip! This trip will grow your faith and change your life and that of many others.”


Malawi -> Sunday 24th April until 4th May 2022

Including option South Africa -> 21st April until 4th May 2022

Purpose: Evangelism, strengthening the local churches,
practical emergency aid, pray for the sick
and participate in children’s work 


Costs outreach:

Malawi -> € 1.000,-*

Option South Africa -> € 150,-*

*Prices include local transportation, accomodation and one meal per day, excluding plane ticket

Please send an email if you need more information:

Jesus Dorp billboard backside small.jpg

In the 80’s  there was great revival in Malawi. Today we see an increasing influence of the islam. Churchleaders feel it is time for a new wave of revival. For that reason the HJC and NTC, in collaboration with Living Waters Church Malawi, will organise various events this spring (2022)  and you can be part of that! We expect this to be an exciting missiontrip! Hundreds of people will turn to Jesus and churchleaders will be empowered and their faith 

We will organise , among others, open air services, various church- and baptise services in The Village ánd a pastors meeting with 800 bishops and pastors. All these services will impact the entire nation. Going on outreach prior to the services, in addition to staying and serving in “The Village” ( the village where NTC runs the orphanage project and where the clinic and NTC church is) will make this missiontrip complete!

There is also an option to start this trip in South-Africa. In Krugersdorp, also called the devils dorp, we will organise a crusade on Sunday 24th April. When pastors Wenzel and Sharon saw a documentary on devils dorp, they felt like re-dedicating Krugersdorp to Jesus. That is why we are organising a crusade in Krugersdorp at 
the KDP Sportsclub. Prior to this event  we will go on outreach with the team.

In short, this trip will boost your faith and will be life changing completely.
Quickly register and join, spring this year, the team led by pastors Wenzel and Sharon 

Please send an email if you need more information: houseofthegoodnews@gmail.com