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Mission Training advanced

About the Mission Training

Mission Training offers you a four-month learning program in the Netherlands and one year  in South Africa, Malawi and Mozambique.
During the first four months you will get biblical education from different teachers and participate in building  the local church in the Netherlands. The following year you will start as a missionary in Africa. There you will work at an orange farm in South Africa and evangelize among the poor, homeless, addicts and prostitutes. You will actively work with the gifts of The Holy Spirit.

When you return to your own country, you will not only be strengthened, but you will be able to bring the things you have learned into practice in your own church. Your spiritual life will certainly not remain unchanged!







How is the study program structured?

The first four months of your training take place five days a week in the New Testament Church, IJsselstein City, in the province of Utrecht. Tuesday to Friday and Sunday you will receive theoretical education and practically participate in this Pentecostal church. Halfway through the four months you have a week's vacation.

After these four months you have another week of vacation, after which you leave for the orange farm of House of the Good News in South Africa, Pretoria. Here you join the daily life on this farm with two thousand orange trees and spend your time with God in a beautiful setting.

Also from the farm you go on outreach among the residents of the various town-ships in the neighborhood. Here you really learn what is going on abroad and you are actively involved in the planting and building of the local South African church.

From the farm we leave for Malawi and Mozambique, where you actively engage in spreading the gospel among the locals, building and planting churches and participating in and will be building children's homes. All this time you live among and with the locals, a unique experience. During your training you will witness many healings and signs of God and be active in the gifts of the Spirit.

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